Friday, September 18, 2009


Flag Mountain (6,937 feet) is the 9th highest peak in the Black Hills. It can be accessed by fire roads all the way to the summit - a short set of stairs leads to the ruins of an old stone fire tower overlooking Slate Prairie, Castle Rock, and White Tail Peak is prominent. Like Bear Mountain and Odakota, Flag is a high point along the Limestone Plateau where it drops down into the valley surrounding the Core region. Four wheel drive is recommended, but not necessary when conditions are good. If you park at the base of the fire road that leads to the lookout, you can either bushwhack up the ridge (generally due North) or hike along the road itself (not very scenic along the way). The view from the ruins is the highlight of this - you may opt to drive to the top and do your hiking in the surrounding Deerfield area anywhere along Flag Mountain Road. In any case, Flag offers a short but rugged drive to a nice panoramic vista. (YDS Class 1)

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