Tuesday, September 8, 2009


(East of Lake Pactola, between Routes 44 & 385)
Perrin offers a short but moderately strenuous climb, followed by a generally easy meander along the ridgeline. Mountain bike trails have been established, which double as excellent hiking trails.

At 5,212 feet, Perrin is hardly the highest of peaks, but it is relatively isolated from other peaks as high, and offers decent views to the south to Harney Peak, as well as nice views of Lake Pactola. Follow the trails from the Rapid Creek Trailhead (Centennial Trail, 89). To access the trail head, take 385, and watch for a road in the center of the dam (the stop sign is the best marker). A sharp switch-back road descends to the trail head. From the western end of the parking lot, go due north to the river, where a bridge allows access across the river. Follow along the north bank of Rapid Creek to find a trail going up a gorge in the shoulder of Perrin Mountain - this is "Choke Hold," a mountain biking trail which leads to the summit from this direction. The summit itself is lackluster, as ponderosa forest masks any views, but a quick walk downhill to the east along "Hurt Locker" brings you to an exposed, jagged ridge line with good views to the east (Thrall Mountain), south (to Harney Peak), and south-west (Lake Pactola and Scruton Mountain). (YDS Class 2)

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