Friday, September 18, 2009


Storm Hill is a fairly easy climb (with a little scrambling over a small talus field) fairly close to Rapid City.

(Storm Hill as seen from Boulder Hill)

Storm Hill (5,192 feet) is the highest outlying peak of the Black Hills Core region facing Rapid City. The trail head is on the grounds of the Storm Mountain Retreat Center. A well marked trail leads up from the retreat area, and a few paths wind along the mountainside. All are well marked with signs. While not particularly steep, it does offer a good workout as the last section of trail leads straight up the side. A small talus field separates the summit from the end of the trail-proper. Large boulders of metamorphic rock at the top offer views of Rapid City and Highway 16, and the plains beyond. In all, Storm Hill makes for a short day hike with a decent view from the top. (YDS Class 2)

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